Peter Goldman Comments: June/ July 2021

Enlightenment is more releasing than realizing.  The history of evolution and its potential, the information of yesterdays and tomorrows, is coded within the seed.  Life is self-remembering as it manifests even as the very process is unique.  

And then, we live within a network of belonging where, ’so to speak’, each pine tree is within the ‘knowing’ of every pine tree on the planet.  Each species has common Being.

At birth every individual is present within the ‘Mind of Mankind’. Change emerges through a ‘union of knowing’ and Karma becomes the individual way of sorting through for value within it all.

Then there is a continuous interweaving/exchanging between the ‘life design’ within the Higher Self and the life flow in the everyday.

There is no need to be ‘greater than the need’. A maxim of spiritual economy: ‘it is the energy that we do not use that does the work’.

Enlightenment is within the inner stillness as a strength without force.  Stability is the power of manifestation where there is no static and realization is in the undoing.

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