Peter Goldman Philosophy July 2021

Spiritual response to human need corresponds to the level of self-responsibility naturally drawing the individual into the ‘path of service’. It is a complex equation out of ‘the immeasurable’ within human existence. Fusionbetween unique moments/sparkles of enlightenment become a ‘will to good’ that attracts karmic and cosmic resource. Each Soul is tested within an environment of parallel levels of evolution. We share existence with many Beings, all with their own agenda, not always harmonic to our own. This can be challenging. Crosscurrents may be symbiotic or even parasitic. While all goes forward together as each Soul fulfills its commitments and agreements, there is a delicate point much as with the cell membrane where an exchange between the inner and outer flow is specifically managed. Spiritual response is a recollection of purpose within stages of continuity and a strengthening of inter-dimensional integrity. The evolving Planetary Family is awakening consciously to shared living within Angelic and Archangelic civilization. The higher spiritual frequencies dissolve superstition and manipulation for personal power. Out of Biblical references and legends from Atlantis and Lemuria within the deep subconscious there is a surfacing of new direct insight into the eternal question, ‘Who Am I?’.

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