Peter Goldman, Comments and Philosphy November 2021


A seed is yesterday’s gift filled with tomorrow’s promise and growth happens through continuous renewal without exact repetition.

In these times, with shadows of the past dissolving, the relative gifts and qualities of previous generations are more vitally present and there is a ‘remembering through the blood’ being restored.  

It opens to an experience of being ‘long-lived’ that is associated into ‘ancestor worship’ in one sense and to a ‘knowing of continuity through our roots’.

Visionary awareness expands from a dissolving of prejudice – and historical suspicion, the entry-points into reactive aggression, are diminished.  This allows history to invest its vision and hope and our choices and lives can become as a response to ancient prayer.  

Within ‘deep historical memory’ there is a releasing from the repetition of ‘Mans inhumanity’ to Man”.   The cleansing value within today’s world can indicate a remarkable collective and deep healing in process.


Linear time emerges out of the living moment where within the network of its harmonic resonance essential relationship is maintained.  Nothing loses contact while scattered amongst the stars.  Memory is within stillness until it is ‘called’ into flow and linear time emerges.

Each ‘life-plan’ draws upon this as through Karmic Law the incarnating Soul plugs into existence. 

Through this there is measure and calculation- and reincarnation is as the centralization of a starburst into the focused continuity of consciousness.

Each moment is open to a unique originality within the foundation and cohesion through eons.  All is consistent within the un-measurable,

Our material/subtle structures are an instrument where out of the unavoidable self-contemplation through existence the Soul awakens.

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