Peter Goldman, Comment February 2022

With the diminishing of pandemic anxiety is an arising attraction into Mankind’s cosmic relationships.  This brings the individual as ‘a universe in miniature’ online’.  

The ‘Life-Plan’  flowing between the Higher Self and the brain through the Silver Cord brings an expanding perspective into the nature of reality, releasing awareness more practically into the network of many lives and levels.

The deepening of Intuition is a measure of Soul Presence and incarnation management within the evolving brain.

Here the significance is in an area the brain related to individual integrity in making choices.  

On the threshold of higher dimensions (where Mankind is in these times) we meet a variety of Beings and elemental forces that can be parasitic to our state through addictive and compulsive tendencies and where we may be overwhelmed/persuaded through the indoctrination of stronger minds. 

The point is in an increasing Soul Light/Presence that through all levels can maintain boundaries and inner integrity.  It is a ‘Garden of Eden period’ for everyone where self-management can replace imposed law and we live more safely in the presence of hallucinogenic substance and fundamentalist divisive beliefs.  

Mankind is entering ‘fourth-dimensional living experience’ both psychically and psychologically more whole individual and collective and in balance with Nature. 

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