Peter Goldman, Comment March 2022

There’s an urgency of transformation, an impersonal impulse through the chakra system working beyond limitation by the forces of conflict.  

Responding to circumstances within the confusions of these times is a form of ‘rebooting’, an update on focussing, a fresh look into life and living.  There is the ‘shaking off of the past’ with taking nothing for granted’. Inter-dimensionally it brings clarity and the free flow of historical ‘light in contrast’ where nothing is hidden.

Within Soul Identity the sense of continuity is replacing questions on reincarnation.   ‘Innate knowing’ becomes part of post-natal development.

The child grows forward with this.

Communion with the Nature Beings and the Angelic Management becomes normal exchange 

The axis of incarnation is shifting.  The adventure of the Soul within polarity is a changing partnership through the levels.

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