Peter Goldman, Comment November 2022

An improving balance between involvement and detachment is encouraging receptivity to ‘far-sight.’ This is an over-lighting of ‘higher guidance becoming as a ‘new-normal’.

While our everyday world continues , perspective and insight alters and there is a subtle release of life impacts from birth and the first seven years. Breathing rhythm changes and more vital energy or prana is absorbed. A childlike urgency of curiosity draws us to where the soul experiences a sense of belonging. A feeling of ‘finding our place’ happens.

The storms and tempests of ‘mans inhumanity to man’ are transformed and there is a drawing on the creative elements within ‘unfinished business’ in deep memory.This as a subtle ‘force for good’, diminishes negative expectation.

The promise of tomorrow ,a vision within the new generations, brings hopeful perspectives into environmental and human rights challenges.

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