Peter Goldman, Letter January 2023

Dear Friends

The Books and Talks of Ronald Beesley and the Talks of Peter Goldman are now available through our website for downloading without charge.

These are times perhaps to revisit the ideas of all the Spiritual Teachers and Schools that have been our guides into these times.

In one sense they have encouraged Mankind to reach the threshold of conscious fourth dimensional living and have also been a preparation for the awakening of Intuitional Awareness.

The collective Plan of Soul Groups and Individual Karmic patterns are bringing relevant ‘unfinished historical business’ into the everyday world.

In another way there is also an activating of the star-map of our belonging. Our Solar System is moving through an area of space receptive to Stellar frequencies harmonic to cosmic relationships that emerge as a subtle network or star-map within the awakening brain at birth.

The interweaving of these frequencies with our sunlight gently and subtly is bringing all terrestrial life into a higher octave. The world is in transition. The nature of light and dark beyond superstition is a quality of spiritual strength and soul integrity, It is the essence of all Belief Systems.

The surfacing and transformation of historical ‘unfinished business’ are todays challenges through the soul-mastering of the body-brain potential.

We are part of the awakening of a new world order through spiritual discovery and creative adventure individually and collectively as a World Family.

We look forward to sharing in your side of the story and wish you wonderful spiritual insights and discoveries!

In love and light,


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