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von Peter Goldman, GB

Seelenschule 2002
This is a transcription of parts of the Seminar «Seelenschule», 6./7. April 2003 given by Elisabeth Bond and Peter Goldman

It is good to be alive when you can work with death. Or is it the other way around? As usual we are proving that there is life before death. Of course, we could not work with these ideas if they were not already working with us. And we come together because the whole process is already an active state, it’s happening. Now, we may not all put it into the same words and have exactly the same kinds of experience, but it is the same process I’m suggesting. I can give you my version like an interdimensional journalist. I was looking at the advertisement in one of your newspapers for a very happy looking man who was one of the readers of the newspaper. I looked at the newspaper and I thought, that’s not a happy looking newspaper. So I said to Elisabeth, I don’t think the man and the newspaper belong to each other. She said, it’s just to sell the newspaper, it’s alright. When last did you smile when you read a newspaper? News is almost by definition. I think I would be too cynical if I gave you my opinion. But at the same time I’m suggesting I’m an interdimensional journalist, so I’m part of the same gang. I’m here to sell interdimensional newspapers. So the article I’m working on is why we need to come together at this time. There was a meeting of all the top teachers of the inner school. The top teachers when they want to meet are always asking for more money. They are usually not that concerned with the education of the students directly. But in the inner school they don’t need money.They really are genuine, they really are interested in the students. At the same time, they are extremely bored with the way they have had to work for the last 10'000 years. Now you think about it. It is the cosmic beings who have to work in a Kindergarten which refuses to change very much. They take turns and they go off to more advanced planets, but then they come back hoping the standards are a little bit higher. Now the best students who come out of the planet don’t actually want to come back to the planet. Like somebody from a third world country being educated here. They don’t want to go back home anymore to raise the standards, they want to live in a much nicer way. And a lot of the enlightened and initiated beautiful souls, as soon as they get the chance they go zipping off to some other part of the cosmos. So the head teachers have had a meeting and they said, we have to do something to raise the general level of education, of consciousness.We are tired of lowering our vibrations, it is so exhausting for us, we have to get them to raise their vibrations so that we can really communicate. And you have been chosen. In Kindergarten it’s a compliment. Now of course it’s done with a great deal of love and a great deal of wisdom and the whole akashic process is brought into a beautiful and new light. But they always look to see who can they get to start the ball rolling. Now the ball always starts rolling through one person in one place at one moment. That is because it’s important to find a soul who will follow a direction which actually has never been set before, so there is nothing to follow, who can embrace a concept that takes us out of the fixed process of whatever spirituality is supposed to be. And with Elisabeth I find I’m always transported into levels that I don’t believe I can get to and then I’m there. She always encourages everybody with quite a strong encouragement.

We come to the point where everybody who is drawn here is already in a subtle sense capable of anything and everything we would like to work with. So what does that really mean? It is as if we are here to begin to integrate what we are already practising in a more subtle sense. So that our human nature can be invited rather than disciplined and compelled. So there is nobody in this group who wants to go back to a rigid system, althoug I must admit I enjoy feeling comfortable with the inner critic of many people here. But this might be a kind of a workshop for the death to the inner critic and the resurrection of something better. But my impression very strongly is that we would not have been drawn here, except that we each feel the sense of emancipation of consciousness, of heart, of being and that it’s not that we need to be taught it by anybody else, but that we need to come together in a way to sing it as a chorus, as a choir.And to realise that as we allow our human nature to become receptive within the vibration of our higher nature we feel in a way the sense of the emancipation of vision, the emancipation of individual perception of higher levels and higher states.
What does the really mean? It means that the traditional path becomes a free space for direct experience and individual perception. That if there is a new testament to be written and like 80 people in the room there would be 80 new testaments. So please think about that because it validates the importance of the perception and the images of each and every one of us. And if there is something in this then it is possible to listen to each other and to work together in a voluntary way that is constructive. We are all, in a way that may sound a little exaggerated at the moment but isn’t, gifted souls. And nobody needs salvation. To hell with salvation. It is a demeaning concept. It is not what was meant when it was first used. I’m very serious. You speak to the brothers and sisters of those times when they guide us and they were always talking the same language that we are seeking to exchange now. But you know, we stand at the threshold always where relative light and relative dark are happening. And in a way, we are in a position if we would like to be, where we choose to remeber all the old patterns and old forms of whatever spirituality, divinity, goodness is and to see how I would describe it right now in my language, in my ideals, in my images. And the ideas from Krishnamurti that we don’t need to look to a guru, a great teacher or anybody to tell us whether we’re right or not as right as we would like. We may not be quite ready for that. That is just the time to move. Because we are never ready, we’re only almost ready but uncertain. And that is readiness. And then you are in the same situation but the cobwebs begin to collect. So we jump into the light. Soul bodies, light bodies jumping into the light.

Anyway, there is this meeting of all these great teachers and they want more time to do their own research. So they need many more apprentices and junior teachers. This is the teachers training school of a certain kind as well. In the Mafia they say, we have been given an invitation that we cannot refuse. It’s not right to say it that way, is it? But when a christed being radiantly invites you, there is no answer is there? Just yes.
Isn’t this about the time of the christed being being very very present even in our tradition? In a way, it is the same as saying, let’s be in touch with our soul body and our light body. It is to get rid of old clothes and old ways of presenting eternal and ever present facts. Now to raise the level of our awareness so that it is consistent and all the bodies are in a way united is the aim. That is the article to sell the newspaper.It might need a little editing but I would say in a journalistic sense the facts are there. Of course I wouldn’t like to say that all the great saints and great teachers are also spiritual journalists as well. But truth is never revealed entirely to one being or any one teacher. Each one only gets a facet of a reflection of an aspect. Sounds like journalism to me. I’ll be punished if this is not correct, so don’t worry. That’s my teaching from my background. But the new idea is that actually we are all in an open space where there really is a genuine sense of direct recognition through the heart.

We want first to do a meditation and the meditation is on that area within the brain that is related to transformational process. The theme is old time, new time.
This is a kind of meditation you can do with your eyes open if you wish because the outer world and the inner world start to become part of the same world. We are not withdrawing, we are becoming more and more awakened.
Now we enter into the space where the subtle and the material begin to oscillate more and more at a higher frequency. In a way it is as if our many lives seem to pass before our inner eye. The theme in these many lives is always the struggle between light and dark. But as we observe it from where we are right now is it really a struggle or is it a way of the union of energies in creation? And that the sense of good and evil dissolves and to a large degree becomes less and less present. In the same way, the concept of death and the absolute become less and less significant in this moment. And we enter into an area which is part imagination to our human mind but deep reality to our soul mind. Before our inner eye the many paths that we have walked that are called spiritial paths, soul paths, learning paths, they seem to come before our vision. For we have lived many, many lives that are just subsistence but now the lives that have touched our soul and touched our heart become more present. And what do we see? Do we find ourselves as an aboriginal people, so close to the earth, so close to the cosmos, so aware and yet not so awakened as an individual. Do we see ourselves meditating in ancient cultures with the rituals of many different kinds of ancient temples. And each time we have then entered into the bliss, the joy, the upliftment of heaven within the earth. Yet how often did these lives take us away from everyday living, from the mainstream itself. As if in order to discover the meaning of life we stopped living fully and completely. Perhaps as we look through all these pages of the ages of our own journey to enlightenment we might find a common factor. They have all asked great discipline, great dedication, great commitment. They have all asked us to, as it were, go inward, go upward. And as we observe this perhaps we may appreciate that they have all brought us to the point that we must all bring it now into the world. And we may appreciate that there is no enlightenment for its own sake, no spirituality just for me. But every single thing that I awakened within my own heart soul I must bring into the world and I must clothe it in costumes of the time and the age easily and naturally. And yet are we born so much into forgetfulness that this is purely a fantasy? Which of our lives touches us the most now in its spiritual sense? Maybe if we come a little bit more consciously out of our meditation for a moment and we begin to look around the room a little bit at every one else and we allow the outward appearance just to metamorphose a little bit, let’s see if we can see the different incarnations of a spiritual expression. How many mystics do we see hidden somewhere in the desert? How many shamans do we see doing their dancing and their rattling? How many priests do we see very proud, very aristocratic? How many monks, how many nuns. Lots of them. Very devotional, very self-denying. How many happy sinners do we see? Not enough perhaps. And how many of us, when we observe these, feel, yes, this is how I should be now? I must sacrifice everything, I must discipline everything, I must devote everything. Who are we from every different culture, every disciplined expression perhaps? There is nothing wrong with this. Everything about it is beautiful within its own context. But they are old clothes. They are now fancy dress, they are not necessarily the reality of these times. We would wear it in our astral body on a certain special occasion perhaps but at no other time. What happens if we allow these images, these very pure and devoted states of our own expression just to dissolve?

So we can look around a little bit and say, who do I see when this disciplined spiritual soul dissolves in their outer form? Not what they would do if they got drunk, it’s not that. Or what would they do if they had a million dollars suddenly out of nowhere. That is just another form of intoxication. Or everybody told them how marvellous they were, but they knew they were not telling the truth. All the nonsense dissolves, all the nonsense. and we see the presence of the soul here and now, the vibration of „I“ here and now. The soul is always beautiful, it’s never not beautiful. It’s never rigid, it’s never crystalized, never ever. It does not love with any stickiness. And it doesn’t try to create impossible unconditionals. I’m suggesting, because your strong disciplined person may already be arguing with me a little bit. How dare you? The word of God has been broken and you should be burnt at the stake. And I could say, you are right and already three or four times I have been. And I liked it very much when Elisabeth said, we only see other people die, we never die. I felt I was playing a game of chess and she said, check. See, whether you can see yourself die. I thought, well I’ve seen the way I’ve died in other lifetimes, lots of them. And then I can hear her saying to me, if you can see the way you are dying, what are you seeing? Did you see yourself die? How could you be watching? And so it was checkmate, you know. What can we do without death? Some of my best friends are undertakers. They do a very good job. They used to do it in ancient Egypt, it was more complicated there. Now it’s just nice, they have some really nice motorcars and everything. As soon as I get back I shall have to phone them and say, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. What would you like first? The good news is that most of the people don’t know yet. The bad news is that there will be no more deaths. So in a business sense I would diversify your operations.

Now, when we begin to release what personally to me is the unholiness of holiness, the exaggerated extremes of imposed systems we let the joy and the beauty of the consciousness that comes when all the different vehicles come together and we can begin to hear without needing anybody else to tell us indirectly the communication with higher beings, higher minds. We can get communication of the interweaving of enlightenment. It’s not an exaggeration.
Do you think when Monday morning comes you will have forgotten all of this or is it now too late? Because I used to think truth sets us free, I don’t think it does anymore. Truth proves that we are fully employed without pay by God. It’s called freedom. But the truth releases us, releases us into a state of higher discipline which is human potential. Now of course from my point of view, from my background I’m always looking for ways of tearing out the garbage because I used to think I was involved in therapy, maybe in a very modest kind of way in healing but I have a feeling that everybody heals themselves, no matter what you do to them, sooner or later. So I wondered what am I doing then? I think I’m cleaning ou the garbage, washing the windows, opening the doors that are locked. Most of us, which means everybody I’ve come across so far anyway, have all sorts of complexes that are invested into the cells. And the soul, in order to find its way through this has to invent peak experiences. Moments of relative enlightenment which become very important, but they kind of go very quickly, they change us forever and then we sort of have to go home where nobody believes anything we might say. Now that is fine, these moments of enlightenment are what our life often turns upon. Our early conditioning is a result of all the stuff we have held on to that become tendencies from other times. If we don’t want to spend too many years in therapy we need a good garbage exercise, I’m suggesting. If it doesn’t work it comes with a money back guarantee of course. Like all good garbage disposal schemes.
All the imprints of our cells are expressed through the joints of our body. and the impulse of the soul as it begins to work in a more intense way at that invisible visible place within our brain, it begins to empower the chakra energy in each of our joints.

So I thought we could all stand up and we can work with an active soul cleansing meditation and see how we get along.
We open our imagination to the way in which light flows in us and through us simultaneously in every direction. There is no up or down or front and back. It is a simultaneous flow in all directions inward and outward. This is the still point that is right in the centre of the brain, becoming the centre of our human being. It is flowing, in some it is flowing into the memory of every single cell. As it flows it also changes its colour, it changes its wave length. And in each of us we begin to experience the variation of colour that acts like a sponge, like a magnet, like a brush, like water that flows and cleanses. So there is no top or bottom, front or back. The soul itself does not work with five senses but is consciouss throughout its being, simultaneous. Now you can feel it, it is an expansion, contraction like a breathing of light through every cell of the body. It picks up all the traces that come from different periods of history and different incarnations, all of which belong to our childhood in this life. So let us just loosen the body a little bit. And when we stretch, let us stretch one arm to the earth, one arm to heaven a few times. Then one arm to the future, one arm to the past. Then one arm to the feminine and one arm to the masculine. And then with our legs to be able to begin to float on gravitity, so that we only need one pair of shoes for the rest of our lives. Let it happen in our own way. Which way does our body want to move?
So the light is moving us. Everything that is no longer anything for us is cleansed. A critical mind is very critical and our imagination loves it. So I don’t care, even if it is nonsense, I don’t care. Now we want to centralise it back in our ordinary time and space and have just an ordinary stretch. Now as you stretch free yourselves from the crucifix. Clean out the box on your hands and feet.

In the joints of our jaws there is now an incredible oscillation of soul light, in order to free us from the need of going to the dentist ever again. So if any of you are dentists, there is good news and there is bad news. Let it do its work because it is not physical, it is subtle that can allow the physical to be empowered to a much greater level than ever before. Part of the complaint from the teachers is that our physical bodies cannot take the teaching. The soul is ready, but the body must be made more ready. Vibration, the oscillation is being released and the resistence to life is going. This resistence to life is what attaches us to death. It always comes in at birth. We write our death certificate at birth so often, and in how we take our first nourishment we free that impression.

The energy begins to move in our shoulder joints. What is happening now? After this when we look at all the family photographs we might see them differently. In our shoulders we carry all the biased ways in which we look at everybody we grew up with. These people are reborn in the office where we work, in the hospital where we are sick, everywhere the same people come again and again, or they seem to. Everybody reminds us of just a few people over and over again. It is not psychological, it is energetic. It is energetic constipation in our shoulders. We don’t need the unfinished business of our families, however much they might like us to take it on. We do not need the social judgement, the social stigma of whoever, whatever, however. We are allowed clean windows, clean rooms, clean sheets at least once a week. It also begins to release the possibility of taking a chance on our own genius, our own creativity. It is in our shoulders that we feel before I can do what I want to do I have to do ten thousand other things first. And it’s true until this moment. Then we can say it used to be true and we live in a world of relativity whose relative truth is out of date.

What about our elbows? Have you ever been trying to walk along and somebody puts their arm in yours? Do some of them help you to go forward and some of them hang on to you? Who is hanging on your elbows? For me it’s a lot of aunties and uncles. I don’t remember them all, there are so many, but I can feel them all. What happens when the energy in the elbow begins to be really free? Has life ever stretched you beyond where you felt you could go? Have you ever felt, no, I can’t play the piano? I’m no good? What are we releasing when the energy comes in here? Would you ever tell a child they are no good, because they are beginning for the first time? Did you ever tell yourself when you tried for the first time? I’m no good. Come on, let’s be no good together. Good group therapy.

What happens when we loosen the wrists? Everybody here is very good at giving to everybody else. So what are we supposed to do now? Do you have the same reasons as me for not doing many things? Not enough time, not enough money, not enough education, not enough opportunity,not enough health, not enough intelligence. It’s what we call a check-list. What happens if the wrists are so open that we tear up the checklist? So we can’t find out what could be wrong with us anymore. Have you ever had anybody who tidies up your own room, your own space and they said, I threw away some rubbish. It’s a very big carmic situation that has probably been replayed a number of times. In Egypt, in the Alexandrian library you burnt all the books. Now I’m going to throw away all your motor car magazines. Again.

Now, what happens with our hips? Do you think that we just get old and that’s it. We actually are very young and then it’s nice to feel young and then suddenly it was nice to feel young. What happens when you get older? You have to continue with the myth of taking care of all the people who think they are still young. Are you somebody who was never young because some people are born very old? If you have a stiffness here I think you are one of these people. And the good news there is that it is possible that as your body gets older you get younger. What happens also if the hips start to get free? It might be dangerous. I always watch European people and African people walking. The African people are all like the champion olympic athletes. They are totally comfortable in their body, specially the pelvis. And if you put on some music, they move, the pelvis moves. I always think of my friend Richard. He was a recovering alcoholic, which is the same as all of us in one way or another. At least, that is what you think when you’re an alcoholic, the whole world is an alcoholic. It’s shocking because it’s probably true. We are all addicted to something, even addicted to nothing. I never take sugar, kein Fleisch. I’m a vegetarian addict. So I put on some music for Richard and he put his hands in his pockets and he kicked his feet and then he walked out of the room. He is my very good friend and I said, what’s wrong? I don’t like to be told when to dance. But three months later he was going to chacha lessons with his wife. I only found out by accident. So everybody in Europe is sort of like a mechanical soldier. It’s really a compliment. Not because of itself but because of the reasons behind it. It comes from being very self-sacrificing and very humble. These are qualities. So I always believed. And of course they are but why should they be Richard qualities? Why can’t you be humble and still dance? Why does it have to be body language, I’m humble? I’m self-sacrificing. So when the energy frees the hips what is it actually freeing? What happens if we really love life on the earth? What is going to happen to our pathway being able never to need to reincarnate? I love the earth so much, what is going to happen to my spiritual journey? I love the air, I love the air today, don’t you? And the mountains. I love the taste of the water when it has just melted, just come down. If I became too in love with this what is going to happen to me? I’m speaking more personally because I come from some discipline of non-attachment. I might love life too much. I might want to be here. But it is too late. The energy is already moving. I’m only telling you about it when it’s already too late.You are going to love everything about life, not just clinically, passionately, naturally, like the Africans walk. Of course then I imagine going to see my banker who is now in an office a long, long way from where I live. I can’t even get there anymore. Bankers are machines and people who have a voice but no body. But I imagine finding a body with a voice, taking him an armful of flowers, saying I love money. Can you help me with a loan? I haven’t tried it yet actually. My special banker retired early, he got exhausted. Now also when the energy in the hips flows, do you know what ambition is? Ambition is the personal desire to get ahead of everybody. But not necessarily sacrificing anybody. Because the energy that flows through the hips with ambition is really ambitous for everybody not just for ourself. Can we imagine that everybody who is at work works so that everybody else at work is promoted? I couldn’t imagine it. As a therapist. when you are totally exhausted somebody usually comes and tells you you are totally exhausted. Then they say, as soon as you have given me a treatment you should take a rest. And what if you happen to say, would you like me to take a rest before I give you a treatment? Maybe you could come back in six months. I have never been able to do that because I’ve never been in this position. Now, tomorrow I can imagine somebody knocking at my door and I say, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is very personal to me. The bad news is that you are going to have to take more responsability for yourself. Elisabeth was telling me at breakfast that people won’t need healing for much longer. And I thought I have to keep this a secret. So please keep it a secret.

Now what happens when we start to free the knees? Does anybody believe in slavery? Of course none of us believe in slavery. How many of us here are slaves to something or somebody? We don’t believe it but we are quite successful non-believers. What happens if this really is the end of slavery? What about all the people who depend on us? What are they going to do? Do you think they might find somebody else to depend on? Do you think we might actually evolve into a person who can actually be interdependant with them instead of encouraging their dependency? I don’t know, it would be a revolution anyway. I sometimes imagine, you know in a film you can have something happen. A glass falls over, the water spills, the glass breaks. And then they play it backwards and all the water goes back in the glass and all the fragments go back together. It’s incredible. But that couldn’t be real could it? We see the break and we know that’s the end of it. What happens if when we free the energy in the knees we also free ourselves from the concept of linear experience? There is no such thing as a disaster that remains for ever and ever. Because the soul never looks from one perspective only. The soul sees the earth simultaneously from every angle, every aspect. I thought I might mention it today because we may work with it tomorrow. Can you imagine seeing the earth from every aspect at the same time? Not very easily, I’ld need to speak to the Soviet Union and hire some of their satellites and then have a screen where they all come together. Because I can only see this way. What happens when we can see simultaneously from every angle? That is the soul. End of slavery, beginning of what? I am very interested in the Enron affair. We have very very wealthy gentlemen, they are all gentlemen, who are swearing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. And then when they are asked to tell the truth they claim the fifth amendment, which says they cannot be forced to say something which might incrimnate themselves. What happens when the energy in the knees is released and we cannot hide behind the fifth amendment anymore and we begin to tell the truth? End of deception, probably not, but end of concealed deception. Did you know that when people die they all go to the place that is of their vibration? All the pickpockets go to the pickpocket heaven. I have never asked a golfer where he thinks he goes.

What happens when the ankles start to come free? We have a friend Lila Bek who used to do some work here in the past. She had a wonderful insight into the aura, the chakras and everything. She said that in the Holy Land where the Christ stepped you can still see the golden footprints. I went to the Holy Land and I don’t quite know whether I saw them or not actually. But I felt I did. I wondered what it really means. Because when the energy is freed through our ankles the soul steps on the earth. What happens when the soul steps? Does this bring spirituality to the earth? Does it make it on earth as it is in heaven? So then working through the joints of the body are we also working through the Pater Noster? The Lord’s Prayer? That if we really work with that prayer we are not working with a prayer, we are working. A living prayer.

So how are you feeling? We just changed the world from our own persective. I don’t know about anybody else outside the room. We change and we belong to a network of unsuspecting people. Do you know the theory of non linearity? It is called the chaos theory. And when you start something small rippling the whole world changes. And Elisabeth began the rippling. It was her idea to work with the soul school.

So how are you doing? Any questions before we go on? I’m willing to have questions as long as you know that you know the answers. So would anybody like to ask a self answering question?

So now we are entering into what we call higher dimensional common sense. We are going to take a little tea break but you need to do some homework during the tea break which means you are not allowed to think about it, it just goes on in the back of your mind. It’s called higher dimensional common sense on a good day. Because we are not trying to change anything we are only trying to change perspective not everything. Nothing needs to change but our perspective becomes soul perspective doesn’t it. Physical, emotional, intellectual, psychic, soul all coming together. What I would like you to think about without thinking is what are your hopes for tomorrow. Now, I couldn’t have asked you before this because you would have told me your personal hopes. That is very predictable and that’s why advertising works. But after we’ve done our excercises your hopes for tomorrow will be more of another vibration, I’m imagining. So, hopes for tomorrow. You know tomorrow already exists, tomorrow is already looking at us in a way we’re hoping for. So the other side is concerns that are coming from the future. This what I would like you to think about without thinking. Hopes for tomorrow, concerns from the future. Let your body remember it which really means let the light of the soul within the human context supply us with our images. Do you feel like doining it? I mean we do it anyway but really consciously. Mostly we do it in our personality. But if you think about what we have just done, we have created a flow through our personality. It can serve us, not interrupt us. I am, I think, I feel. The „I“ is capable of making a choice here at this level and the higher teachers and the human „I“. We want to work with hopes for the future, hopes for tomorrow we call it and then concerns from the future. And we suggest that we are at a vibration where the higher mind and the human mind can, without effort, feel the relationship that we call inspiration. This is not a peak experince, it’s the peak that we can walk along as if it’s a plateau. A new normal.

Now we are entering into a level where we can live more consciously as if the inner reality is the reality. I for many years talked with people who said, when it can be proved, when you can show me, when we really know .... If only many lives could really be established. I would say, why can’t you live as if it’s true and see what happens, as if there is no death, even though we walk past the cemetry, as if there was no death. It’s an illusion, it’s a big plot of ground full of illusion. Expensive illusion. The best illusion is the most expensive illusion and death is the most expensive. So we can begin to look more and more as if these incredible ideas of interdimensional awareness and truth really is true. As if I am an universal being, as if I come from the stars, as if... And I can be even more human and even more normal because of this. Why should we wait until we find there is no death to find that we were right all along in our imagination, as my grandmother tells me quite often. It was a long time before I would speak to her after she died, because she was so severe but she showed herself to me as a beautiful young woman and then I became much more interested. She said, I didn’t have a great life, you saw me suffering. If I could have appreciated more imaginatively this reality when I was still physically alive you would have liked me better. And so I told her, I love you, more when you are dead than when you were alive in a manner of speaking. She is an absolutely wonderful soul and she helped to raise my level even though it took time for her.
Can you all hear? You may regret it. That’s part of the pleasure. Nobody should regret anything except pleasure. And even then when we get across and we find it wasn’t a sin, what a waste of regret. I’m talking about eating spaghetti which are so delicious.

Now we want to work with what we call unravelling the interweaving of time because this is somehow what’s going on. And so I drew a picture which is all the streams of time which literally become auric expression and with our grail cup which in a way is our human life. We want to be able to perhaps have a little meditation and just work with the idea of unravelling the confusion of this interweaving, more than anything.

Now already we have the instrument within which the soul can manifest more and more and more its natural power and light. So that our nerve system, our gland system, our other systems can be strong enough for this great power that is who I am. What does this mean? It means that the pattern of my life can flow through fully and there is very little obstruction. And I can balance myself in gravity easily, I can as it were float just that tiny bit above earth. As if the light of my soul ankers me through the crown. And at the same time I am human, I am in my five sense world, but at the same time also, I am in my soul body and I have no top or bottom, or front or back, I just am. And so now we are under the waterfall of time. And in this waterfall we are in the livinng moment, we are in that point of stillness in movement. And life flows through us and time flows through life. And I am, I am, I am. I am a divine and immortal being, I am a soul of the universe. I am a soul of the universe and my physical form is a beautiful and divinely constructed vehicle for this soul. And flowing through all the different streams of the waterfall of time I begin to re-experience so much of who I am here and now. And as I feel the streams of time I link into the principle that is embodied in my biological father. And I feel the principle of the father of life through all the different times of my many lives. And I feel my link to authority, to convention, to custom, to all the forces that have disciplined life and many lives of my experience. And as the waterfall of time flows through I see that all of these fathers, these authorities, these rules and regulations are all transitional and they pass through me, I through them. My father in this time was my brother in another. We have known ourselves in every role. And I am free and he is free of me. But as brother souls we are together. And every rule and every law that is man made I can respect and yet I am governed by the law of the Creator. I have no fear, nothing can corrupt me.

And the waterfall of time links me then to the stream of my mother, to every mother, to the world mother, to the great union of feminine energy that links to beauty and culture and quality. And I feel that sense of reference and also of freedom, that in this world can begin an equalizing between the masculine and the feminine, now in these times. And that in my life I can find that point of balance between the two in myself. For I have been both male and female numberless times, so many times have I been both. And so I enter again simultaneously into the stream of time, into culture, into family, into groups, into races, into religions, into links that bind. I have experienced so much in opposition, separation, difference, but I see that I have lived in every culture, I have lived in every type of climate, I have been everywhere. How I can be one without knowing the other is also in me right now? I am proud of my family but no more and no less than I am proud of the family of man to which I belong. And I look at all the ways in which I have developped skills and talents and gifts and abilities. Have I not been a sailor who has covered the oceans to discover the unknown? Have I not crossed many deserts, many mountains? Have I not used my hands to make beautiful things, to build, to create? Have I not done so many things that I am not a beginner now? That there is dignity in all work, that there is skill in the heart of every soul. Are there not so many gifts within me that there is really nothing that I could not do if I wished, if it was right? And as much as I have been part of so many groups and so many skills, who am I now, where do I belong now? For the times of so many lives have been spent so often in the extremes of human existence. Am I, are we not now emerging beyond survival into another level all together of experiencing life? Am I not looking at the world and at life as an opportunity that is an invitation to me, to all of us? And as we are less and less bound into races, countries, beliefs, families, where do find ourselves?. As we look into each others eyes, as we see our soul, the light of the soul, the gifts of the soul, is this our new family, is this our real family? This is how it feels to my heart and to my inner being. I do not let go of tradition nor deny the everyday at all. But the link through the heart and the soul becomes stronger and the link of the spirit becomes more and more intense and real. Where does this bring me upon my path as a soul, as a human being, as a man, as a woman? Where does this bring me now? For within me there is that sense of commitment to life and to living. And this commitment to living is both a path of self expression, self development but it is exactly also a path of service. That I can enter into life, which means that I can enter deeply into the lives of others. I will work every single day to the fullnesss of my own natural expression, and I will work with giving and receiving but I will always enter further, deeper, higher than I have ever done before. What does this mean? How shall I be described in times to come? For to be a human being so strongly in the present do I not belong to all the visions and all the dreams of tomorrow already? And can I belong to tomorrow and be an anker into the purpose and also the joy of living here and now? For the streams of time weave more in harmony and release me from the confusion of my own identity. In all my lives, in all my levels is it not always I who is present? I have worn many disguises, I have many different facets but it is all I at the very centre of my being. And as I meet and walk and share with others is this for the first time, is this really only just happening now? Do we meet now in new clothes, with a new language, a new culture? Is that all? But perhaps now we meet more in the fullness of a complete sense of who I am as a soul. Conscious in the cells of my body, in my feelings and thoughts and my sensitivity and my deeper nature. I am a chalice in the waterfall of time filled with that which I am more and more within this moment.

We’ve started something that is going to go on until we’ve finished the last workshop, night and day and even more in sleep state because we’re all very busy people. And we often don’t get paid for interdimensional thinking enough. Really what we are experiencing now is a generative process. It’s like a motor starting. You can see, we’re meeting for two days, two days and then three days, which means that these anker a work which actually is mostly done within ourselves and our own lives, isn’t it? This is how the inner school works. Not too many outside classrooms. Just to come together for a cup of tea, to remind each other and then work where the work really happens. I hope you feel even more that this validates exactly where you are and the work you are doing because it does. You don’t in a conventional way have to love everything about your life. It doesn’t matter. It validates where you are and what you’re doing because of the nature of your being. It will change because we say we don’t want to change anything directly, we change perspective. In terms of changing perspective of what’s going on. So we say that the eye has been shaped by the activity of light upon the body. The eye was not designed to see light, light designed the eye so that it could be seen. The ear is sculptured by sound. So if there is anything in that are we designing and sculpting and forming a new kind of eye? This interdimensional eye, this eye of the soul, not the Egyptian eye, not a hieroglyph, not the third eye, the fourth eye. Or maybe the fifth if you’re wearing glasses. Now it is the eye that is the union of awareness. It is not just a seeing, it is a seeing, hearing, knowing awareness. It is a wisdom eye, it’s not the wisdom eye of the oracle, it’s the wisdom eye of spiritual common sense. It’s the wisdom eye that belongs in the market place amongst ordinary people where enlightenment is becoming the normal. Everybody is chosen, it’s too late. So if you wonder, am I good enough, everybody is good enough. Because the outer is purely window dressing and following Elisabeth’s journey into all of these beautiful temples every one of us is glorious. As we get in touch with this, this human existence just becomes more and more interesting. It’s very interesting to be the funny kind of person we are. I’m always interested to see people at different stages of their life and in the end Shakespeare is right. The glory of the soul becomes far more present, we’re out of our own way. I spend time at the Petrus position, you know the Gate of Saint Peter. He’s always meeting people who are knocking on the door wanting to know where they should go.He looks at the book of their life and most of the pages are blank. You didn’t write on most of your pages. I didn’t know I was such a wonderful person. And then he breathes very deeply and he whispers to his friend, they’re coming back worse than when we sent them down. But that is the article for tomorrow. The report from Saint Peter’s Gate.

What happens if we allow our hand to draw the new eye? It’s not a conventional eye, but you could draw a conventional eye if you felt like it. You see the water reflected on the wall there? It’s brilliant. That’s what it is but you have to make your own interpretation. It’s part subtle, part physical and it’s constantly oscillating. It’s the eye of the consistent level of soul awareness in our human state. Let’s see when we draw a picture of this eye how it comes out. You may become famous one day and then.., hold on to this picture. I would like to encourage you to compare it with the drawing you did this morning. I wonder if you feel that they are both the same drawing but from a different perspective. What do you think? What interests me is not so much the intellectual answer but the experience of looking at your two drawings with this idea. What do you feel inside yourself? You don’t have to tell anybody but to be as conscious as you can of what you do feel. I’m suggesting that we have approached the same space but in two different ways. It is the experiencing of this that is important more than anything. I’m suggesting it will bring the two sides of the brain together. It will centre your breathing and allow you to find that point of stillness. Now I’m imagining that just before you go to sleep tonight you look at the two pictures. Just experience them again. And then when you wake up in the morning before you do too many other things to experience them again. I’m only suggesting that because we have worked with death, we have worked with our birth also, which means there is a dissolving of the hesitation between the dimensions within us. What does that mean? We carry a lot of tension in the solar plexus or the throat from our birth in one way or another. We never laughed when we were born. We should be born smiling with our hands open. So we can play the movie backwards, forwards and the water goes back in the glass and all the pieces come together. We can quite easily remember the perfect birth. It’s a subtle shift in tension but it means we are much less anxious, much less reactive at the point of choice. Much more awake as we do choose consciously, that our actual physical energy is a sense of confidence. And this sense of being proud to be ourselves takes on its genuine meaning. And you did this all by yourself. Well done. I’m very interested to see this because I didn’t appreciate exactly where we would be going. The soul always draws us into the unknown and I think a little bit into the unexpected and of course it’s always delightful, the soul surprises us but surprises us delightfully.
So thank you for all your hard work this afternoon and your tough listening. And your patience.

This is what we’re going to do: It’s called the soul through the world mother, the soul through the world father and the soul through the world child. I would like to remind myself in public that when we work with these lines we are having a certain focus or a certain very clear and specific impulse in one way but under this focus we can drive taxis, trams, sell shoes, choclate or anything. I am very happy if I think a priest is driving the tram. I would be a bit worried if an adventurer was flying my plane. I would be a bit anxious if my banker was not very focussed. But we can be anything, absolutely anything under all the headings. This is the wonderful thing that all work is holy and all work is focussed to our line even though our lines are very very individual. So every job is worthwhile, even the ones that are not. Obviously some of us want to look for better work but the actual work that we do is the way we do it, it’s who we are within it. We want to just emphasize it, although I’m sure you already know it very well. In order to become soul centered, soul conscious we don’t have to channge anything in a deliberate and outward sense.

In Amerika there is a teacher called Baba Ram Dass, who has had a lot of very strange and remarkable experiences and survived and what inspired me was the title of the book and it said „Be here now“. I wondered could he have written such a title before he went through all these experiences. I haven’t had a chance to ask him directly but I imagine he could have saved himself a lot of time and trouble. Maybe I could have told him, be here now. But he wouldn’t have understood it would he? He had to go through a near life experience a few times. Before yesterday I would have called it a near death experience. But now we are on the edge of something much more interesting. I also appreciated very much this morning your atmosphere, what you bring with you, because everyone here is already busy. If we didn’t come here this weekend we might have thought of somethingn else to do. So this is very much voluntary, it’s very much through an inward sense of some type of subtle recognition, attraction. So from our side also we want very much to acknowledge this, to acknowledge your voluntary choice that you put in just because. Nobody comes here because they’ve got nothing else to do. And everybody is in the centre of a very busy network. We can link in sleep state, that’s much easier. Here you have to get up in the mornig and get here. So it’s an extra discipline and effort to be here out of our own choice. It’s very exciting and as a journalist I can report that the teachers are very excited. They really are enthousiastic anyway but they are even beginning to believe in the work they are doing more.

We say that the sense of the soul body, light body level of attention is more and more our conscious and present state. So that we are in a way reviewing or experiencing our life but from a new perspective. And all of us here know just about all the answers to everything anyway. I always think that I am in my grandmother’s house and she has everything already there. As a child you notice everything, every picture, every decoration, you know everything and actually after about 35 years I’ve visited a cousin of mine who managed to be about 95. And she was in exactly the same house and all the pictures were in exactly the same place and the carpet was the same carpet 40, it might have been 35 years later but I’m a bit embarassed to say so. She looked exactly the same and her daughter and myself never quite liked each other and we looked hard at each other now. It was as if it was a day after 40 years ago. Everything was so familiar and I was very pleased I hadn’t seen them for 40 years. Then I told them how much I loved them because I learnt to do that in 40 years. And then I left the country again and I haven’t seen them since. So many things are so familiar, we are so used to them. Even if we go away for a long time we know everything, we’ve read it all or something. In the same way we really don’t see our own death we don’t see our own wisdom either. Because all our knowledge comes often from the externalisation of ideas that are other people’s externalisation and when we get in touch with our own understanding that which comes from the inner path of my own soul journey nothing ever cristallises. It may flower and produce a thousand seeds but it never cristallises. In a way we are travelling through well known territory and in another way we’re looking as if we’d never seen it before. I’m always interested to see important people when they have passed over, even though they haven’t died. I was very interested in Generalissimo Franco because he was such a wonderful cristallisation of everything he believed in. He was loved by some and hated by others just as equally. And if you could have eternal life by replacing the organs of your body he would still be with us. But he couldn’t and then he was in heaven and I met him and I said, what shall I call you? Because in my higher consciousness I can speak Spanish. At the time of the Inquisition I could speak it quite well. Now he said, call me Frankie. I said, what about your country and all the things? And he said, I’ve let it go, I don’t mind anymore. I said, what’s important to you? He said, the soul of my people. My pure intention was always to serve the soul of my people. I can see I made many mistakes, I really was not a lovable man. I was seeking to do something that was noble and was spiritual as I could perceive this. I said, what have you done with all your medals, all your uniforms, you have great stuff. He laughed and said, isn’t it a joke? I spent most of my life at a fancy dress party seeking to serve the soul of my people. And I just found out. I met a very very noble soul. When he was alive I never ever thought he was noble at all. To try the whole of my position in terms of such turbulent forces that were working through the unconscious I felt I had very little choice. He looked at me and said, you will be working when these forces are no longer unconscious. When they are conscious and this ideal I was holding on to is more present in a conscious way many different choices then are possible. So, I met a very beautiful soul without anything, just his essence, his pure intentions. So when we look again at our life, say through the world mother soul we start to free ourselves from all the decoration and all the criistallisations, not completely. It’s not a dramatic thing, but it’s gentle and it’s continuous. We can go back into where we live, with whom we live, but we’re conscious now, we’re not in the armour of our compulsions. So that is the idea. This is where I feel the lines we are following bring us. Now this is a simultaneous process through seven aspects which have some relationship to the seven paths, I am sure. Let’s see how we get on, let’s see what questions you have and what happens.

As our awakening consciousness within our soul body re-enters life, it awakens inside who you are now through the world mother soul. The first thing is balance. Gleichgewicht I always think of justice with Gleichgewicht, but justice with mercy. Two big pillars justice and mercy.

Now as we enter in through the mother principle we become more conscious of where the balance is in all things in our life. Because we are involved with the consciousness in the soul it’s a creative balance which means it is never the same. It doesn‘t become a static. It is not established, it is a moving balance. If you can, bring to mind any area in your life which you feel is out of balance. Is there an area in your life which is unbalanced? It is not an area which somebody else tells you is out of balance. It’s what we inside ourselves are willing to acknowledge. It might just mean that you are drinking too much coffee. That is just purely our conscience telling us that we are enjoying life too much. So look a little deeper. If you have difficulty in this sometimes think of somebody whose choices you are very critical of and see what it is you criticise in them. See if this refers something or other to yourself. Even as you begin to think about it what is happening inside your body?

We are linking with the world of the soul mother. Let’s invite that influence into that feeling in our body. The influence of the world mother working with the principle of balance in the area where we feel we are critical of others and out of balance in ourself. What does her presence bring? It always brings a gift. What gift does she bring? Do you appreciate the gift? Just open your eyes and see who you should give the gift to, even if they are at the other end of the room. Would you like to go to them and say, I would like to give you this gift. Now they don’t have to give you their gift, they have to give it to a person they think. When this is happening if possible also be aware of the movement in the room. Because we’ll do it physically now and then we can do it without movement. I’ld like you to appreciate and give the gift deliberately now and then our gifts will go out into life. And they will reach the person to whom they are most helpful. In the meantime please find a person to give your gift to. Is there anybody who didn’t get anything? How much of a gift is it to give our gift? Those who are the closest to the source give the most, the most easily. In an unexpected moment they might discover that a gift has already been given to them. So you have a hard job now of being prepared for the unexpected moment. At least for the rest of the afternoon.

In the same sense through the father world soul there is the impulse where we seek our guide, our master, our teacher. There is always the axiom that says, when the student is ready, the teacher will manifest, hopefully. While we are waiting for our teacher, our teacher may already have come and gone. Can you think of a teacher in your life who has already come and gone? They may still be alive in a way but they are actually no longer strongly in your life. It’s a teacher or a guide or someone who has helped us to learn something worthwhile and they have just moved on. They may not have stayed very long, they may not have had very important qualifications. You may not have invited them deliberately to tell us anything important. We may at this moment still belive that the word teacher or guide is a little bit too kind. I would thoroughly agree with you instantly. But given a certain time without that person we would not have learnt whatever. Can you bring to mind a teacher who came and perhaps managed to go as well? Has everybody got one? You can have half a dozen quite quickly. Just choose one. Now allow the image of the person as we know them to dissolve and see who appears. Because this is only a disguise with a name and address, telephone number. These things dissolve. Who is behind it? Now allow it to happen and see this sense of what is behind the outer form, who it might be and what are they delivering to us, what are they reminding us of. What is their teaching that is their gift to us. When everything else has dissolved and gone and there are no loves and hates and no bills to pay, what is the gift? Now that we begin to appreciate the gift let us look again at the one who brings the gift. The metamorphosis, the person we knew or know and then the image dissolves and the light being that is there within them. Who has brought us this gift? Do you feel that such gifts can only be brought as we might see it through our culture by the Christ? By the Christ within a being. Or we might say, only the Buddha can bring it. The outward form is purely the vehicle. And each one of us as we free ourselves from our human egocentricity perhaps, is in touch with the acknowledgement of the Divine. Only God speaks through each one, no one else. Could we possibly suggest that to ourselves?
Now we come back to the person. What part do they play in our life now? Are they the one connected with some period of struggle? In a way they may certainly be. And yet who are they as they bring a teaching and become our teacher? Because everything we see in the external at a certain moment just dissolves, it doesn’t belong except in a few moments of time. Have you been walking in the company of spiritual greatness without perhaps appreciating it very much and does it mean the same for us in our own highly idealistic, very inexact way? So when we come through the world of the soul father the world is full of potential teachers, we could say potential masters. There are certain often quite powerful but difficult periods and in those periods we could say, Christ has never been closer. We may not even have thought of such a thing at the time. Now if only we could place our attention on what we have learnt does that become a gift or does that actually become a radiance? I would imagine that it becomes more and more a radiance. When we are touched we become radiant.

We do have inner teachers. They are very interested and excited with our work. They are like a great broadcasting system. They can’t go individually, personally, they radiate. This morning in a circle was inspiration and so the great teachers inspire those that can teach. Now where I come from most of our suffering does not need to happen in the form in which it apparently has to happen. The lessons are still there to be learnt, but the form can change. What will the world do when we are not on the path of suffering? Not so many hospitals, not so many therapists. What will I do? What will I tell my grandchildren, when they say, what did you used to do? I’ll say, I was a therapist, and they’ll say, what was that? Any questions or comments? Could you work with that or are there any complaints? Please tell me if for some reason it’s not so easy to work with this. We can always find some assistance.

Now we come to the soul of the world child, the world soul of the child. A new entry into matter. That is the first aspect. Now where I come from you never admit that you can’t do anything at any moment. Say, if you’ve just had an operation with stitches and somebody says, there are some heavy things to lift, you say, no problem, even though the surgeon has said, for at least three months don’t lift anything except an ice cream and a pen to write my cheque. We hear that but we always think, I am indestructible and we don’t realise that there is only spiritual healing, there is no other kind of healing really. So, if you’ve just had a triple bypass with lots of stitches, it’s still spiritual healing. I only mention that particular operation because it’s part of my generation, lots of my friends. But it is a spiritual opening of the heart. It’s a heart awakening in a way. Lots of them are much more open afterwards. It’s quite drastic I think but not so bad as in the time of the Mayas.

This idea of a gradual adjustment to the material world means that there is a rhythmic process at work as we enter, as we renegotiate, as we renounce. We need to give ourself the generosity of the rhythmic process of unfoldment and into new perspectives of experience. If you have small children you don’t get a chance to wake up in the morning gently. So that’s quite a good training in it’s own drastic way, but it’s not recommended full time. We need to be able to adjust. Once we’ve adjusted we’re fine. We can get on and off the train while it’s moving. In the egocentric way our pride gets in the way, that’s all. Now what comes with this is that every day is a new day. We see everything new. Is it possible, I wonder if I visited my old cousin again to go into the place and say, how amazing, everything looks absolutely new. But actually, I heard recently that she has found out that she’s not dead. Have you ever seen the movie called Sorbas the Greek? There is a very lovely lady who manages to pass over and then people come and start taking everything from her house. While she was living there everything belonged. She only had to let go of a physical suit of clothes and then people just came from everywhere to take something. Now are we able to see everything new in that kind of way? That in a way when the world is dark there is no colour. When the sun rises every morning it’s not the same as yesterday. It is always painted in a new way by the sunlight. And the person that wakes up next to us again after 25 years is absolutely new. It would make a good movie, how to wake up next to somebody interesting without changing them. Of course everything is very similar but in the terms of soul perception we are aware of the alteration of frequencies. And there are subtle variations continuously if we allow ourselves to be informed. And this is the basis of good human relationships. Nobody takes anybody for granted and nobody tries to overcompensate perhaps. We become aware of the subtle alteration of vibrational living. The world soul of the child is aware that everything is new, everything is changing, everything is developing, everything is being born, everything is maturing, everything is dying in its way and then being reborn. Everything has its anker of light. Nothing is casual, nothing is casual. The leaf blows off the tree, the way it falls to the ground follows pure and perfect law. Nothing is casual. Mathematics are boring but what they are talking about is extraordinary. The casual expression of abundance is pure and perfect right down to the very last molecule.
How are you doing? Do we need to stretch quickly?

Here we are working in the soul sense with ideas that can become generative, that can become fertile. Has anyone ever told you that you’ve never had an original thought in your life? A few of my teachers have who didn’t know they were my teachers at the time. Or has a teacher ever written in your book, use your imagination? Or if you are really imaginative, be more practical. Stop dreaming. Now this is the dreamer. And if there are no dreams there are no forms. We can’t make forms unless we have ideas. Is it possible that all our ideas are not for us? I wonder about our conversation. It may not always be discreet but I always want to know what is everybody talking about. I don’t want to know anybodys secrets because I don’t want them to know my secrets either. But I want to know what they are talking about. Are they repeating or are they originating? Now how much of our life is almost like the cud of a cow. It’s o.k. On a good day it produces good cream and milk and everything. And in New Dehli it holds up the traffic for as long as it might. Now as the soul consciousness is present would you say there is an alertness to anything that seems interesting, sounds interesting. And what work does this do? On a good day I am very happy to hear somebody say negative things because I don’t mind. Who cares, it’s a nice day. Let‘s have a look at what I call the shadow over the sense of orginality. Originality should never ever be stepped on because I know of a little boy who said to his daddy who was swearing about finding a parking space in town, when I grow up I’m going to design a car that when you get to where you’re going you fold it up into a small case and take it upstairs with you. Meanwhile his father was very close to extremely muderous thoughts and he looked at his son very very critically and with a sense of black humour, yeah, if such a thing could ever happen. The thought was so original. They haven’t made such cars yet but they are much smaller. I’ve seen some really nice little cars. And there are also some cars where you can turn the wheels sideways so that .....(laughter). How do new ideas start? How do new ideas on how to love each other start? I’ve got books about love yourself. If you don’t love yourself and you have a pain in your shoulder this is why you don’t love yourself. And then there is a sentence that you repeat to yourself many times and then you take some tablets and the pain goes. You give the book to somebody else. So this will really help you. Are there original ways of loving? Who will teach us? So do we say that ideas into form through the world mother always bring us into what we are calling today the originality of love at work. Love is the only work, there is no other work. The whole of the incarnation of this earth, according to Rudolf Steiner, is love at work. I can’t prove that he actually said that. But I have always felt it when I read some of his stuff.

What will it do in prisons? What will it do in Northern Irland? Where the parents want to bring their children to a school of a different religion down the wrong street. God is love, not allowed up the street. The world mother, the soul of the world mother, get rid of the crucifix, take away the labels, allow the creative thought of the soul to just manifest. Let it come in gently, not too fast, give it about another 10, 15 years. Who will be sitting down to have lunch together? All the children of all the enemies will be having lunch together. And all the grandfathers who have been enemies will be talking about how they used to fight each other. If they don’t do it in this lifetime, they’ll do it in the next lifetime. The world mother says it can happen now. That’s the secret.

And of course from the world father point of view it is what we call the love of change. This is the father soul we have to enter. We are freeing ourselves from the cristaliised sets of male dominance, male authority. When ideas come into form the correspondence is the love of change. In good old Great Britain we have something called mad cow disease. So many farmers were put out of business. But there were still signs there which said, British beef is the best. Patriotic pride and full of all the toxic results. It’s good to be patriotic, isn’t it? It’s sort of a dose of patriotism and past that it’s toxic. No foreigner is allowed in my country except to do the jobs I don’t want to do. Thank goodness for the English Channel. but they’ve got the tunnel now. All these people from I don’t know where are cominng through the tunnel. And we don’t want them to do that but we’ve got lots of work for them to do. Because we’ve got lots of work we don’t want to do anymore. They don’t even speak English.

Now when we come to the child we come into what we call investing into the time line. Elisabeth talked about buried treasure, different aspects of ourself are buried away. When were they buried and how were they buried? What happens if everything that has gone wrong with us is also followed by what has gone right with us? We enter into the soul of the world child. And we look at all the dramatic experiences which compromise life psychologically and psychically and then we say, why was it buried? Because it’s always treausre that is buried beneath any childhood trauma. Now it’s possible to bury treasure without trauma of course. That is the old fashioned way. Sometime in the future we will get in touch with that part of our nature. And we unlock, what? Something that was buried and that is very beautiful, that is a jewel. In our childhood we buried the jewels of our soul to be dug up, to be recalled or be reclaimed in the time line of when they belong. Most of us find out that we don’t really die at a time when we realise how much treasure we’ve still got buried. We’re dead, but we’ve got so much treasure with us that we‘ve never used. Now what does this really mean when we get into this consciousness soul? We’re all rich with gifts, with potentials, with possibilities, with enthusiams, with what. It’s just a theory isn’t it? It’s like you can think of something that happened long ago, like Long John Silver, a pirate story with buried treasure.

Something happened in our childhood. What was it? Now you can recall a time that wasn’t so incredibly brilliant, but don’t think about what happened on the outside. Just a difficult time that happened long ago. Now let the outer form gently dissolve. As the outer form gently dissolves let the feeling of the love of the soul of the world child enter in. As this incredible love of life that is always new enters in and we allow what is hidden to reveal itself, what symbol do you get, what image, what feeling? What does it mean if you then now today allow it to speak? What does it say, what does it mean? As it reveals its treasure what is happening inside you? Can you put this into a very small statement of 3 or 4 words?. If you can just write it down. It’s quite important to speak it. But it is also very personal. So we could say it very quietly to the person next to you. And as you say it see what it feels like both to say it and also see what it feels like to hear your friend say it. We want to experience the vibration of what we’re saying, just very quietly. How does the atmosphere feel? Have you ever been in a shop that only has beautiful things in it? Everything is so very beautiful, it’s been made with such skill and such care. That is how this room feels to me now.

So now you have got just some things to think about which if I were you I wouldn’t take too seriously. But I think they are very interesting and very fascinating myself. I just want to give a little bit of the logic behind our approach this afternoon. Sometimes logic is like retrospection. The further behind it gets the more clearly you can explain it. The soul itself is androgyn. Each incarnation into the polarity of gender is a child of this androgyn soul. So in truth we are the child of our own collective and higher self. So we can look into the concept of the collective soul of the father and the collective soul of the mother and the child. This gives us in a way the focus to work with the ideas of the morning. Now such a short time to try in a logical way to put everything together is probably not convenient. It’s more just to experience it and then there will be the meditation that that we link with every Sunday and then there is the inner school which will continue to work with us. And then there is what we call the destiny impulse to which thîs work belongs. So all of that will integrate, synthesise, it will translate gradually. So that is what I would wish anyway, that we can make use of this experience without needing to try and do in every moment, too much work. If you have any kind of inner arguments about it, keep hold of them, because it’s all important, everything is open to being tested, looked at, worked with, everything. This is our own workshop at work you know. We don’t know who is going to emerge but it’s going to be with a mark of originality. These great men and women (Aristoteles, Hildegard von Bingen) represent the greatness of everyone. Luckily we don’t have to become too famous or too saintly. We can be what we call the new normal.

We want to work with an open eye meditation, which means we’re considering ideas but at the same time we are considering them in a contemplative way. As the impulse of consciousness becomes simultaneously present in all our bodies there is an altering of the relationship of women, men and children to the lunar forces. It is interesting to begin to consider what this might mean. So for a moment we can in our own way quietly tune in and ask inwardly what this could mean, the translation from the unconscious compulsive forces that are the moon to the earth into a more conscious process, a more conscious relationship. So we want to spend just a few minutes inside us with a little music and see as we get in touch with this idea of becoming consciously the masters of the lunar forces. We allow these thoughts to become a little bit more part of our conscious attention. We appreciate that the consciousness of the soul is also a solar consciousness. It is a consciousness that comes from the light that lights the cosmos. And the light that comes from the moon and the energy that comes from the lunar area is reflective. It is subconscious. As we awaken in our soul sense so also the lunar and unconscious and compulsive forces become more and more available for our use and our cooperation. Now these forces work very much through the endocrine rhythms of the body and move with the tides, the water. As we enter through the feminine soul, the mother soul what might we discover?. For ever since the beginning of mankind the feminine form, the feminine nature, the feminine body, according to the cycle of the moon must prepare itself to be receptive to new life. So if there is an element in the feminine psyche and the feminine form it does not belong to the soul enough. If the consciousness is becoming the master within this lunar process, what is happening? First we can see that there is an evening out of all the extremes within the glandular rhythm. And that the whole menstrual cycle becomes much more part of a physiological process internally. And that the management of the change between one cycle and another can become almost uneventful.And that literally the soul presence and the soul light transform each month the process of receptivity into change. In the same way, the balance of sexuality, creativity and spirituality begins to be more present. So that as there is that point of ovulation when the body is prepared to receive, prepared to become fertile it is no longer an unconscious process, it is no longer a perhaps of perhaps not. But it has two aspects and the one is that the conception is a very cooperative and conscious moment. And that there is no conception that is not conscious that is not intended. This is a moment also of great creative receptivity and belongs more and more to the consciousness within the soul. So it becomes possible to have children that are not physical or biological, that are the children of the soul in many other ways. This gradually releases the dependance on the cycle, the dependance on unconscious processes into quite another state. It means that the feminine form and within the impulse of the awakening mother soul becomes fertile and vital for as long as it could live. There is never a diminishing and there is never in any way a subjection to these forces any more. So that the vitality and integrity and the capacity for handling the powerful creative energies of life actually increase with integrity. It is the lunar forces that tend to encourage entire crystallisation. This will maintain a sense of flexibility. Perhaps this is the key also as we find that there is a mastering of the feminine lunar aspect it correspondingly acts within the masculine. So that we say the world soul of the father, the world soul of the masculine then also fits into another relationship to these forces. And as we look in history we see a number of factors that are just repetional, that are in a way the way it has always been perhaps. Parts of this way are the riites of passage that take both men and women into specific roles and specific stages of social standing. And as these forces are more within the light, direct light of the soul, so these rites of passage, these traditional ritualistic moments change their relevance, it literally shifts from earth to heaven. We are linking more to the fertility of the soul than the fertility of the body more and more. And this works to release at the same moment the identification subconsciously into races and into the systems of belief. This frees the masculine spirit, the father spirit into another perspective, another perception of countries and different beliefs. Most of the collective soul within each race and each system of belief belongs to these lunar unconscious compulsions. The survival centres in our nervous system and in our brain and our glands belong also very much to these unconscious lunar forces. As there is a translation from the male soul awakening then the tendency towards conflict, the tendency towards war and the tendency towards abuse of life in a destructive and subjective of others way becomes less and less. The tendency of one group to seek to dominate another, one aspect of life to seek control of all other aspects, these forces are no longer dominant in that same way and all the courage and all the adventure and all the spirit of proving the strength and masculinity comes into an ecological world where there is reverence for all life. In this way the forces of the soul, the great elemental forces that are active within the earth become much more cooperative. We learn to live with all the beings of nature and the underworld and the working with all the different nature forces, devic forces, shifts from its hidden and dark spaces. It comes into the light, they all belong to the command of the angelic beings. We, as the light of the soul become a consciouss presence. We find ourselves in a companionship of angels, achangels and these remarkable cultures in space.

Now this literally changes our relationship to gravity because we are more drawn towards the gravity of the soul than the gravity of the earth. We are more influenced by the gravity of the sun than by the magnetic pull of the moon.And this literally allows the vibration of the molecular structure of the physical body to become finer. What happens to the child then when we look through the soul of the world child? Because we see in a remarkable way that incarnation is not so cloaked in forgetfulness and that the very process of conception is masterminded more from heaven than accidentally from earth. It is a cooperation between the soul that will incarnate and the parents who will become parents. Literally the process is reversed and the relationship between the incarnating soul and the prospective parents is commanded more from the incarnating soul than from anywhere. This creates a different relationship in the first twenty-one years of life, the first three cycles of seven. As there is a sense of incarnation without forgetfulness there is a different relationship through the social and historical forces and processes. So the purpose of the incarnation, the reason for coming, the involvement with people and events is a known equation to a much greater degree, not in a way that prevents the originality of direct experience, but in a way that literally allows the growth of a new form, the entering into a new incarnation to be as uncompromised, as unpolluted as it could possibly be. Now this creates a new race of man. In fact, it is the same race, the same souls, everything is the same except that the level of consciousness is now present in another way. And this is the impulse into which our own school and our own work belongs and works.

Now, it is interesting to contemplate the shifting of relationship through soul awakening to the lunar forces. What could it mean to us personally, individually, because lots of us might wonder, is this only for the generations to come. It will remind us that the body is made of at least 70% fluids. And that every single cell in the body is in a state of flow. It completely changes and is reborn at the very most within seven years. If this is happening in the material sense the energetic stuctures between the focus of soul presence and all the different vehicles is just as open to flow and renewal. What does this mean? It means that we are all redesigning, reconstructing, reinventing ourselves throughout all of our different levels. That means that interdimensional therapy is more and more self design, self reinvention. It becomes inevitable that we think of ourselves more constructively and more positively, more interestedly. In every way our self-talk becomes soul self-talk, which is a visionary imaginative focus of light.

When we first looked at each others eyes when we first began a hundred years ago yesterday we looked for the gifts of the soul. That was a very beautiful moment. It set everything going. Is it possible that this can become active without being contrived, that we could look in each others eyes without staring too much, imagining in the train or the tram or Migros or something. It is just that there is a light, a light, a light. Does it say, I see you perfect, I see you perfect? As your father in heaven is perfect, as your mother in heaven is perfect, as the divine child in heaven is perfect. Why not? Take a chance with it. Everybody really is perfect, why don’t you take a chance? Now of course, we will become spiritual gamblers. But once we are free of the lunar forces we never become holics. The moon works on those centres in the brain which can be taken over by substances, identities and everything. Who took my brain, we take it back. Then we can be in a world with so many temptations which are not tempting us in that declining spiral. I think it’s absolutely interesting and that is why I wanted to talk to anybody I could find about it. Because you know, when you live at home with people they are not always so excited by your new ideas. Even Mozart found that. He went to Prague and he had a tremendous reception there. And then he came back and everybody was excited to see him again.

These ideas are there only to compare and to stimulate your own imagination. From my side I am expressing what I am witnessing. It’s happening. I see it happen energetically in people. And so it is very exciting. These things are not a teaching anymore, they are not an imposing of anything but a sharing of impressions. We’re all looking at similar things but we’re all looking, seeing in a way that we desperately need each others views in order to get the whole. So that is the idea.

I appreciate very much your extremely hard work this afternoon. I think the hard work was already done this morning actually and we could just have some fun. I’m sorry and thank you very much.

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