Peter Goldman Comments: April ‘21

There is a discipline in freedom that is never imposed.  

It happens through stillness and balance, out of a sense of ‘presence through focused intension’ – our state of Being.

 The  ‘Listening Heart’ knows without consequence.  There is no reaction.

Desire within the Soul is out of its wholeness. ‘Knowing’ is within this inner union.

In todays world there is an unweaving, a dissolving of complication within the Belief Systems.  ‘Freedom’ within Systems of Belief is in their roots, even though this may not at first seem apparent. Nothing binds us to what already is. 

The ‘Power of ‘the Word’ is freedom through the Listening Heart and its ‘Knowing’ is constantly updated.  

The same truth through many tongues is consistent while in every land the universal Foundations to existence have their own characteristic style. 

Mankind is united without needing to be joined.  However this may sound, given a little time, air and energy, water and climate can become an environment of freedom.

The discipline in this is carried within the ‘Children of Tomorrow’ and if we are living many times, then who is life encouraging through our choices? 

The place of a child within the family group involves an Aligning of the Frequency of the incarnating Soul to the genetics of the family heritage.  These may go back centuries, connecting both to key figures and eras in history.  It links each incarnation in fine detail into the interweaving of racial crosscurrents and characteristics, influencing a wide spectrum of sympathetic and antipathetic tendencies.  The incarnating Soul will need to assimilate it all. Out of this the personality within its karmic tendencies emerges.

The cranial brain and the solar plexus and intestines as a body-brain are intimately coexistent.  

All is in resonance with the kundalini forces at the base of the spine

At an instinctive level, survival impulses are dominant.  Suspicion and aggression inwardly and acted out, are part of ‘human nature’.

Our place within a family and where the family is placed within its culture and its social structures are reflected in body posture and coordination.  The energetic alignment between the incarnating soul, the higher self and the body is delicate.  Fear, primal and collective is a critical factor in this exquisite balance. 

In these times the fear impact within the epidemic can spontaneously expose space for a quantum leap forward in the nature of existence,  through those of like mind and in response to the wind of destiny that is passing through mankind.

Within the union of asking there are moments when truth unveils itself,
Shadows clear, crosscurrents cease
And free of condition or authority,
In openness and without bias
And spoken directly to the listening heart
Truth reaches all in individual tongue.
In concert, goodwill affirms the values that unite.
We grow into the Spirit of the science
And truths’ many facets sparkle as mankind heals.

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