Peter Goldman Comments: May ‘21


The resources for renewal gather far in advance of their need, becoming available for universal use as in the principle of a stem cell, empowering where it is focused
Governed by the spiritual depth of the heart, it is the rainfall of ‘yes to life’.
Sooner or later all experience is used to the good. Nothing is wasted, even as ancient forests have become today’s coal and oil.
Within the deep subconscious where history is ‘remembered’, there is an individual resonance within the collective accumulation.
In these times mankind is moving forward while passing through the resurfacing of unclaimed history.
Standing on the threshold of new levels of awareness and under the stimulation of a world epidemic, the Awakening Heart becomes the pioneer in discovering new resources.

There is no static. Karma is opportunity to look again through many different perspectives. Transformation is the nature of evolution.
Consciousness awakens as we meet ourselves through the roles we play in the lives of one another.
The resource of history is available to the Soul who recognizes and tends the visionary seeds of the future within the present. One novel idea can change the direction of a civilization and inspire the world.


The line between cause and effect can be delicate and subtle. Emphasis changes within an overall dynamic that includes both individuals and groups within the network of harmonic belonging. There is refinement to the key of ‘doing the most with the least’. All is monitored through the Crown Chakra and anchored into everyday experiencing through the Solar Plexus. At the meeting point of assimilation, the Soul must discriminate between fear that guides or corrupts. Maturity within the State of Being measures the wisdom in preparedness. The capacity for embracing fullness within experiencing is much within the group of their belonging. Individuality emerges within the collective. Also, the Higher Self or Oversoul is continually experimenting, testing and trying, throwing out new frequencies into existence and registering the echo. Life loves to be tested. All existence is intelligent law in action. Cause and effect is a conversation, a dialogue within the family of originality and creativity. In the manifesting of consequence as ‘Soul Time’ replaces linear measure, a quite different view of history emerges. The parallel development of every aspect of life happens, each within its own specialty. In these times, much that seems separate is resonant into its overall belonging. Mankind is ‘ready, together and prepared’, to participate consciously and voluntarily in the experiencing and emergence of new world order.

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