Peter Goldman, Comment May 2022

Stellar and Solar radiance merging into the planetary atmosphere is as a blessing through the Crown Chakra into the brain. It brings ‘permission to go forward’, dissolving static in hesitation and inhibition.This awakens courage to ‘go ahead’ and a willingness to commit hearts and resources into high ideals. It is associated to uncovering new sources of energy – and this includes managing the instincts of conflict.An historical tide is turning, opening many new pathways for soul-expression.While Karma ‘is what it is’ , collective attitudes held within the deep subconscious are losing dominance. Space for the Talents of the Soul brings new vision into self- mastering within the ‘reptilian survival brain’. This is reflecting into every area of struggle and conflict where a purifying of dogma and prejudice is entering through the new generations coming into their maturity.

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