Peter Goldman, White Lodge Letter January 2024

Dear Friends,

From the foundations of our philosophy of life we draw new strength in moving forward in these times. A Soul awakening harvests resources of the deep subconscious reservoir. No experience is ever lost, its value responding to the moment of its belonging and contribution.

The expansion of the heart centre into pathways of growth is an inter dimensional correspondence to the star light frequencies of our belonging. A ‘world heart’ is forming bringing new attitudes within belief systems opening new relationships with the Angelic and nature Beings and forces.

A heart/crown ‘alliance’ like a solar system in miniature is freeing holistic experience through the chakra system – a circulation of relationship and belonging, vitally active within world events.

This is as an assimilation of essence into an expansion of True Being. Repetition evolves into a fuller sense of Presence, and wholeness.

It is subtle and without phenomena. – the growth of spirit within Mankind is happening.

White Lodge as an a voluntary association of ‘like-minded searchers and researchers,’ is practically and virtually sharing in a world of new histories happening.

In the Colour Work the Michael and Gabriel Forces are active in refining sensitivity and awareness.News and information sharing does not blanket out original insight and the individual remains clear within the collective. In this kind of democracy new leaders responsive to the highest ideals can emerge. The ‘old order is changing’. A creative and vitally interesting Family of Mankind is emerging.

We welcome each other into new times and opportunities on a foundation of the richness of our heritage.

We all join in love and light to wish each other well in looking forward.


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