Peter Goldman, Comments October 2021

Space is a state of confidence as the soul establishes the boundaries of belonging. Even at birth each life is joined through their holy name where pure truth is its melodic expression. The expanding of field awareness through the brow centre is the guardian as we experience new forces on the higher dimensional thresholds and the principles of an immune system are awakened.

Through karma, the law of motive, action and consequence, we find ourselves where our ‘soul plan’ may best be realised. and whole each individual makes their own way within global circumstances, linear time dissolves into the union of ‘points of significance’ within the memory of history and all is drawn into the ‘living moment’.

While consciousness is continuous, the value in these times in in the expanding of horizons into being embraced by an experience of the ‘universal presence’ and the dissolving of the fragmentation of belief.

We are entering into a voluntary and conscious partnership with the beings and forces of our legends.

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