Peter Goldman, Comments and Philosophy December 2021


As systems and structures are disturbed without great material destruction and we are faced with incomplete and conflicting information there is a spontaneous opening into levels of contemplation and meditation. 

Reaching with clearer focus into life visible and subtle opens communion with the unseen and unknown. 

‘The world’ is the manifest metaphor of every individual and circumstance. A universal ‘language of life’ emerges as feelings, images and impressions arise.

 Individuality awakening is ‘Soul Presence’ and within the hologram of the brain this is the sacred space of identity and freedom.  It is where personal insight faces addiction and control by ‘stronger minds’ or substances.  It is where we are ‘linked through the heart’ as a recognition of belonging through levels of choice and reverence for all life.

A breakthrough into the reality of continuity brings all the statistics into perspective and science serves the need.


A sense of of urgency can come into life as new normals emerge.  As feelings of danger diminish the receptivity to unfamiliar perspectives open along with feelings of unfocussed optimism and hope.

There is a difference in the drag of gravity.  Body chemistry is more vital.  We can awaken as after deep rest. A different attitude within the same situation brings new values.  The same world becomes a new experience and from deep memory ancient initiations stimulate new interests.  ‘The path of service’ becomes a sharing, a fusion with the Nature Forces and Angelic Beings. And it feels good to be alive.

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