Peter Goldman, Comment April 2022 / 1

Experiencing time is changing as horizons of perception expand. There is revolution in the nature of being here and now.

As Mankind enters the higher or fourth dimensional threshold, indications suggest a dissolving of trauma-shadow of the first seven years in incarnation, allowing the clear continuous flow of the  ‘Soul LifePlan’  through the hologram of the brain.  There is re-alignment to the Star-Map of our cosmic-belong and history is updated.

The consequent mixing of ideology and political structure is explosive through every aspect of society and belief systems.

Parallel, is a Change in tension between the earth and the sun bringing subtle effect in centrifugal and centripetal earth forces.  This influences  occiput-atlas balance affecting every aspect of the relationship through the families  of origin.

A resetting or rebooting of incarnation is at work.

Mankind’s relationship through Nature to the earth, between Belief Systems and the recycling of unfinished business of history brings shadows to the surface and activates the resources of a ‘New Age’. The times to come are now.

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